Oneness Embraced

To connect men from different racial, social-economical, and religious denominational lines, to engage in transparent sharing, meaningful conversation and authentic brotherhood in order to grow spiritually.

Plan of Action

  1. Group Focus
    1. Transparent Sharing (Learning) Psalm 32:8
    2. Meaningful Conversation (Understanding) James 1:19
    3. Authentic Brotherhood (Bonding) John 13:35
  2. Facilitator/Co-Facilitator will connect and discuss a potential day/night that would be feasible to conduct a one-hour meeting
  3. Facilitator/Co-Facilitator will come to an agreement on how they will conduct their virtual meetings (Zoom, GoToMeetings, Skype, Adobe Connect, etc.)
  4. Facilitator/Co-Facilitator will send out a text/email to the group members introducing yourselves and thanking them for being a member of the team. (week of June 28-July 4)
  5. First Group Meeting (week of July 5-July 11)
  6. Oneness Embraced by Tony Evans (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Audiobooks)
  7. Study Phase 1 (Biblical Look at Oneness) Session #1 Following Jesus, Confronting Racism
  8. United Men’s Group Meeting (Saturday, October 24)

Next Facilitators Meeting

Thursday, July 23, 2020 (8:00PM)


Group #1

  • Reid Kapple
  • Brian Goines

Group #2

  • Keith Cordier
  • Gabe Coyle

Group #3

  • Dale Moline
  • Mark Alexander

Group #4

  • Russell Williams
  • Justin Love

Group #5

  • Mike McLaughlin
  • Raymond Hairston

Group #6

  • Raymond Williams
  • Tim Krause

Group #7

  • Jacob Holland
  • Anthony Hawkins

Group #8

  • Ron Adams
  • Thurston Smith


"God brings men into deep waters not to drown them, but to cleanse them"

James H. Aughey

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